Improving your customer service without a Service Vision is like sailing without a compass. John DiJulius has been instrumental in revamping our customer service systems.
Craig Russell
Awesome speakers. For those who missed it I don’t think they’ll ever regain that experience.
Alan Lovelace
The different speakers from different backgrounds makes this conference different than any other ones
Michael Coburn
The Customer Service Revolution will inspire you and inform you of new practical ideas and advise that you can take back and use to continue to change your company and create a distinctive brand
Derek Kaivani
The Customer Service Revolution gives us a chance to raise our game and learn more.
Ara Bagdasarian
TravelCenters of America
I attended the Customer Service Revolution last year and was inspired and motivated. I have been to many conferences and seminars in my career and there’s no question, this one was the best.
Ryan Goard
General Cable
The Revolution showed us the key to maintaining a high retention rate year after year...
Melissa Gottlieb
Director of Sales, Smart Business Magazine
You helped us revolutionize the way we serve our guest
Kendra Sartor
National Marketing Director, The Melting Pot Restaurants
All experts on the topic of client service.
Ken Haffey
Partner, Skoda Minnotti
Helped our team build non-negotiable service systems... which consistently create a WOW experience for our customers
Jeffrey S. Rosen
Executive Vice President, US Bank
Absolutely Phenomenal
Verne Harnish
Gazelles, EO Founder and Member

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