Convince Your Boss

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Two Persuasive Angles to Convince the Boss

Idea #1: Play the “ideal outcome” game: Ask your boss, “What would be the ideal outcome for my performance and results in 2023?” Or, “If you imagine the end of 2023, what big  goals do you hope I will achieve?” If they say double sales, or increase leads, or something similar, then you are in a great position.

Now ask, “Are you willing to invest in my training so I can get us there?” If they say yes, you are ready to present the solution: Customer Service Revolution: 2023.

Idea #2: Switch the conversation from expense to investment: Think about this. If you purchase something that generates more value than the cost, it’s actually an investment NOT an expense.

So take the ticket price, divide it by 12 and ask: “Would you be willing to make a training investment in me for less than $XXX per month?” For example, the retail price for the Customer Service Revolution ticket is $2,000 (it might be less when you are reading this). That’s about $167 a month when split over a year (“Would you be willing to make a training investment in me for less than $167 per month?”).

If they say “yes,” then simply explain, “Great, we just need to pay upfront.” (The earlier you register, the lower your price will be).2

Spoken Script to Boss

You know your boss the best. If she or he works better face-to-face, here are some talking points you can use:

  • I’d like to invest in my professional development so I can get better at _____________ (fill in the blank with the topics you want to learn more about; customer journey mapping, customer experience, customer service, etc …)
  • This investment will help me help the company in the following ways: __________________
  • I want to learn from someone who’s done this and has proven results.
  • I want to learn what is working now, stay in the know, and use cutting edge strategies.
  • I don’t want to guess what I should or shouldn’t do. That will slow me down and could mean a lot of lost opportunities for the company.
  • I want to fast-track my success and focus on hitting my big goals in 2023.
  • I believe the 2023 Customer Service Revolution is a smart investment that can get me there.
  • Will you invest in me and approve me attending?

A few important notes: Focus on the needs of the company and how this will help you address them. Do not focus on the details of the conference until you get a conceptual buy-in from your boss.

Email to the Boss

SUBJECT LINE: [Insert Your Boss’ Name Here], I’d like to attend the Customer Service Revolution

Hi [Insert Your Boss’ Name Here],

I’d like to attend the Customer Service Revolution. Attending will enable me to discover new ways to market our business and accelerate my learning. I hope to become equipped with ideas that I can put work for our business.

There are 17 World-Class speakers at this conference, covering topics like X, Y, and Z.

If approved, my attendance can help with the following department goals:

Goal 1- Explain how
Goal 2- Explain how
Goal 3- Explain how

I’ve heard very positive things about the event. Attendees walk away with actionable tactics they can put into practice right away.

When I return, I plan to share my takeaways and refine/develop strategies based on what I learn.

Here’s a breakdown of the approximate costs:

* Retail ticket price: $2000 (the promotion right now is $1,000 off)
* Hotel: The official conference hotel is $235/night plus taxes

The conference is hosted by The DiJulius Group and takes place in Cleveland, OH from October 7-8, 2020.

Here’s their event page:

With your permission, I’d like to secure my pass to this event before it sells out. Please reply as soon as possible with your decision.

Thank you for your consideration.

[Insert Your Name Here]